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SWITRONIC 一綺電子於2016年邁進第30周年,很榮幸一路走來結交許多各領域客戶及商業夥伴,一綺電子在各方的支持及鼓勵下得以達成輝煌的里程碑!





     SWITRONIC is stepping into 30th anniversary in year 2016. This is our honor to meet numerous clients and business partners in different fields. SWITRONIC has achieved the brilliant milestone by your support and encouragement!

     SWITRONIC has adhered to the professional innovation and technology, maintain the high end quality, supported the client’s research and development program and provided the competitive advantage of soft / hard ware services to our clients for over 30 years. Therefore, we achieve the great reputation of excellent quality in the world. At 30th year, SWITRONIC established the stand and we will definitely continuous our strength and follow the new technology trends closely by innovating more outstanding switches products to contribute convenience to people in the world .

     SWITRONIC celebrated the 30th anniversary event during the Taitronics electronics exhibition. We appreciate our best friends and partners who came from different countries to participate this important and cherish moment with us. Because of you, SWITRONIC could stand and develop such outstanding performance and achievement. We are pleased to invite you to build the future hand in hand for creating success with us ! 


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