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     Switronic Industrial Corp. was established in 1986, specialized in design and develop variety of technologically enhanced precision switches.  We have technological orientation in our operation, employee advanced, ISO 9001 approved procedures (cert. no. 04100980741).  We believe our great quality and services could boost your business competitive through our great quality, fast delivery, competitive prices and excellent services.

    Therefore, we have developed customers in wide range of applications including computer peripherals, security systems, home appliances, electronic consumer products, medical instruments, telecommunications, remote control devices, media instruments and net work equipments..etc.

     As stepping into 30th year of manufacturing switches in 2016, Switronic will expand worldwide market scope and establish more custom designed products and comprehensive network of services to satisfy customer requirement. 




QA/QC Test  Equipment

Test Lab
Withstand Voltage Tester
Power Supply
Digital Insulation Tester
MΩ Hitester
Life Tester
Digital Oscilloscope
Withstand Voltage Test-Meter
Shadow Measure Apparatus
Vickers Hardness Tester
Load Apparatus
Life Test Machine
Life Test Electric
Salt Mist Machine
IR Reflow Tester
Reflow Oven
High Temperature Oven